Beauty & Wellness Roundup: Banned face wash, wrinkles & blood pressure, flat stomach and cruelty-free

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ZENMED_Blog_Beauty&Wellnes_280x250Every week we like to bring you a roundup of some of the beauty, health and wellness articles that we found on the web throughout the week. As of late, we’ve come across a couple of interesting articles on the banning of microbeads in beauty products, the relationship between wrinkles and blood pressure, attaining a perfect stomach and cruelty-free science.

This state wants to ban your face wash to save the environment

Sarah Parvini reports that New York state has made a move to introduce a ban on products containing plastic microbeads that are often used in face wash, soap, and toothpaste. These beads are not biodegradable and are therefore harmful to the environment. No need to worry about ZENMED products, though. Our scrubs contain only fine-milled walnut shells and jojoba beads, which is great for the eco-conscious consumer.

10 crazy body connections: What your skin says about your blood pressure

According to a study published in the Journals of Gerontology, your wrinkles could say something about your blood pressure. When researchers separated people into groups based on cardiac disease risk and analyzed the youthfulness of their skin, those with the fewest wrinkles had lower blood pressure and lower heart disease risk.

Why sit-ups won’t get you a flat stomach

Yuri Elkaim, a registered holistic nutritionist, fitness expert and high-performance health coach, says it plain and simple. Sit-ups alone, just won’t get you those abs you’ve always wanted. In this article, he tells you why and makes some suggestions on how to trim the tummy.

Hair follicles in a dish make for cruelty-free testing

Could this be the future of cruelty-free testing? Rebecca Guenard reports that at the Center for Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford in England, cell biologist Desmond Tobin is extracting hair follicles and using them to replicate human hair growth in a petri dish. Using this method, he is able to test the effectiveness of new products in the lab instead of on animals.


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