Body Acne Cause by Weight Lifting

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If you love to stay in good shape and lift weights, there is a good chance it may have resulted in unwanted body acne. We all know the benefits of exercise and all good it is for your health, but getting body acne is certainly something we would all prefer to avoid. However, it may not always be possible.

There are a number of reasons you may get body acne by lifting weights and one of the most common is due to perspiration. Most of us do perspire when we exercise and this can strongly contribute to body acne. Many of us may not be aware of this when it is occurring, but it is highly likely.

The perspiration can lead to clogging the skin’s pores which can immediately result in body acne. This is a common problem among athletes as well as weight lifters alike. So, what do you do about this problem if you are dealing with regularly?

Well, it is certainly better to continue weigh lifting rather than quit altogether. The benefits of exercise have been proven many times and you should not quite because of the body acne you are experiencing.

There are some things you can do help prevent the perspiration from directly contacting your skin and one of the best is to wear proper clothing when exercising. There are certain clothes that are designed just for exercise and help prevent excessive perspiration. This is a good idea to help alleviate body acne.

Another suggestion is by carrying a towel with you at all times when you are exercising and wipe off the perspiration. This is a very easy fix and can allow you a great way to prevent body acne very effectively as well as easily.


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