Body Acne from Steroid Use

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If you are an avid user of steroids, you may be experiencing some body acne. Many people aren’t aware they can get body acne by using steroids, but it is entirely possible. This may be reason enough to make you want to quit steroid use entirely.

Depending on the severity of your body acne, you may decide that the side effects of body acne are far worse than doing with the use of steroids. You should weigh out the advantages and the disadvantages of using steroids to see what you should do. If you do not have a medical condition which requires regular use of the steroids, you may wish to do without them in order to prevent or alleviate body acne.

In many cases, you may be battling a medical condition that requires the use of steroids. If so, there is a good chance you will need to battle the body acne rather than stop the use of steroids. You can use preventative matters that can assist you to reduce the body acne and in many cases this works for some.

The key to controlling body acne is by working as much as possible to keep the skin clean. When you shower often or make certain you keep your skin clean, you will have a much better chance of lowering the risk of body acne, even if you do require the use of steroids. It is very important that you monitor your body and how often you get body acne. This will allow you a much better chance of controlling it as well as feeling better about your skin.

So, take the time to review the reasons for the steroids and if you can indeed do without them, it may be better to help reduce body acne.


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