Busy and looking for a quick, easy, healthy meal?

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It’s that time of year when we are all so busy and stressed, and we are eating a lot more junk than we really should be – and probably noticing an effect on your body and skin!  Sometimes you are short on time between shopping and visiting and looking for something quick and healthy – the answer is stir fries!

There are so many combinations in stir fries that you really could make one every night and never get bored.  Start with a protein – chicken, shrimp, beef, tofu, or whatever you like.  You can usually buy precooked chunks of meat at your grocery store to save even more time.  Add in an abundance of vegetables of every type and color for the best nutritional value – you can use fresh or frozen.   Carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, pea pods – whatever veggies you like.   Most supermarkets now carry bags of fresh or frozen pre-cut vegetables specifically to add into stir fries.  Don’t overcook the veggies – they are best when there is a slight crunch left to them.  Choose a low sodium sauce such as teriyaki or soy, or you can use heart healthy olive oil with seasonings like a blend of ginger, garlic, curry, or cayenne pepper to make it even healthier.   You can add a wee bit of cornstarch if you like the sauce to be thicker.  Serve on top of a bed of brown rice or whole wheat noodles.

This recipe is quick, easy, healthy, and tastes great – and if you make a lot it works great as leftovers for the next night too!


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