C is for Cucumber

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Cucumbers are a great food for anyone!  Not only do they contain lots of health benefits if you eat them but they are also great to put on your skin.

Everyone knows that you can put cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness and help you relax.  Rubbing a few slices of cucumber over your sensitive skin can help to relieve redness due to acne, rosacea, or sunburn.   You can also shred up cucumber and leave it as is, or add some other herbs or egg whites for a relaxing mask.  Juicing a cucumber and spraying it onto your skin works as a great, natural skin refresher, and some people claim that rubbing cucumber over your skin can help to fade freckles and marks.

Adding cucumber to your diet will also help your skin.  Cucumber contains a great amount of silica which is great for healing connective tissue in the body.   This will lead to not only healthier tissues in the body but will help with wrinkles and lines on the skin.  Cucumbers have an extremely high water content which means it will help to fill you up faster than other foods, and will also help to flush out any toxins and uric acid in your system.  Cucumber has trace minerals which are said to help with arthritis, gout, kidney problems, and digestive issues.

Next time you are at the market – pick up a few cucumbers.   Use one on your skin and slice the other one up and use the slices like crackers.   You can apply hummus, salsa, or eat thin slices of cheese between two slices of cucumber.   You will save tons of calories using cucumbers instead of crackers and your skin and body will look great!


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