Can you still be fit and fabulous over 40 – here’s the real scoop!

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A recent story in a popular magazine stated that if you are over 40 and slim you will not be able to maintain a youthful face.  This article has a lot of women approaching 40 wondering what will happen to their skin, and has created a lot of controversy on internet boards which has a lot of dermatologists posting their own opinions on the subject.  Let me compile what some of the experts have said.

First of all, it is true that chubbier women generally do have younger looking faces, but this is not to say that you can’t maintain a healthy weight and still have a young looking face!   As we all should know by now – the most important factors in the aging process are not taking care of your body.  Eating poorly, not sleeping enough, being stressed out, and not protecting your skin from sun and environmental damage are the worst things you can do to the condition of your skin at any age and will certainly start to be more and more noticeable the older you get and the longer you let your skin and body suffer.

Dermatologists and Doctors agree that it is important not to weigh less than you should for the sake of the look of your skin as you do need some fat to keep your skin plump and smooth – but you should be able to maintain this by being at a healthy weight or minimally overweight – generally within about 10 lbs of your ideal weight.  It is important not to let your weight get too high because this can put stress on your body and organs and cause other problems to your skin.

Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, using good quality skin care products that protect your skin from the sun, and maintaining a healthy body by sleeping well and having an anti-stress routine should be enough to keep your body and skin healthy and to maintain collagen levels in the skin.  Drinking lots of water will also vastly improve the look of your skin as dehydrated skin tends to look a little sallow.   So don’t worry about your skin – that won’t do it any good! – just follow these simple tips and your skin and body will thank you well into your senior years!


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