Chia – the greatest little seed ever?

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Back in the 80’s we all had those little ceramic animals that sprouted seeds known as Chia Pets.  Little did we know that years later the nutritional community would be talking about chia again and calling it “the greatest little seed ever”.

Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a part of the mint family and is native to Guatemala and Mexico.  Chia is loaded with omega -3, iron, calcium, magnesium, and fiber which are all extremely beneficial to the body.  These result in lowered inflammation throughout the body and lowered blood pressure.  Chia helps with your immune system and has extreme anti-aging benefits.  Your skin will look more supple and hydrated thanks to the vitamins and omegas in the seeds.

Best of all – chia seeds are very tiny and have no flavor so go ahead and sprinkle them on everything – burgers, smoothies, salads – they won’t alter the flavor and you won’t even notice they’re in there.   Chia sprouts can be used the same as alfalfa or tofu sprouts and put in salads or sandwiches.  Chia flour, made of ground up chia seeds, has also become quite popular to bake with and provide a healthier alternative to regular baking flour. It’s worth it to pick up some of these seeds at your health food store – or grow your own sprouts in chia pet form – because chia really is the new super seed and will benefit your body and skin greatly!


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