Cold and flu season is upon us and in addition to your internal body feeling miserable, your skin also suffers severe consequences. The good news is that a few simple skincare cold and flu tips and tricks will have you looking spectacular even when you feel far from it.


Cold and Flu Skin Side Effects

During cold and flu season, the air can often be quite dry because of various heat sources, as well as outdoor elements. The dry air will actually remove the precious moisture from your skin. This defiant act of winter will result in skin that appears dry and dull. And, your dry and dull skin will also worsen when you have a cold or the flu.

You can become dehydrated by losing fluids due to a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea.  Because most people do not drink enough replenishing fluids when they are ill, dehydration will also affect the moisture levels in your skin. And, if you use a decongestant, it can also dehydrate your skin even further.  


Glowing Skin

Use a cold gel mask regularly throughout the winter and even more frequently when you have a cold or the flu. These types of products will make your skin appear healthy and dewy, and if your head is pounding and your face is red, a cold gel mask will provide much-needed relief.

You should also use a humidifier to keep the air full of moisture so that the air does not try to steal moisture from your skin. You should at least use the humidifier at night. According to an Austrian study, if you regularly use a sauna during cold and flu season, you can prevent and reduce cold symptoms which will also greatly improve the appearance of your skin.


Nose and Lips

All of that nose blowing and those chapped lips can really make your life even more difficult and make you look tired, older, and simply miserable. Be sure to keep your nose and lips moisturized, as well. Even if you use tissue with lotion, always dab a bit of moisturizer on your nose after you are done blowing. Key ingredients to seek out in skin products are jojoba oil and shea butter. Do not forget to apply moisturized lip balm to your lips with great frequency when you are not feeling well. Drink plenty of liquids to minimize any puffiness and to flush out any toxins that may be making your skin lackluster. And, always use moisturizer with sunscreen year round.