Considering Fillers? You must read this first!

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Who does your injections? Injection specialist, nurse, doctor, dentist, or at a “Botox” party? 
Did you know the most dangerous trend these days is self-injection? The trend to inflate and erase the signs of aging is everywhere. From the oddly deformed faces of actresses from bygone eras to even the youngest and delicately featured modern day celebrities, the “plumped and beestung” look is becoming the oh-so-obvious norm. Ever sat across from a woman with the most delicate features (of much envy in my eyes) sporting a gigantic, fat sausage lip that you want to actually go up to her or her “injectionist” and smack them across the head? Ok that happened to me recently and I didn’t smack anyone but I did feel bad for her in thinking that was the vision of beauty that people sought.
That aside, what if you don’t have the dollars to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for your treatment? Would you risk buying online and injecting yourself? Stop right THERE. Here is an all too common trend that’s making plastic surgeons some fat cash in repair bills.
What’s the lesson to be learned? Go see a Doctor and phone around for the best price. Ask what their qualifications are. Get a consult and look at the before and afters. If they gave someone a “sausage lip” or “chipmunk cheeks” they are not artists, they are opportunists. Makeup and contouring can give you the illusion of fuller lips and cheeks, those videos will follow.

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