Could dairy be the problem?

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If you have tried everything to cure your acne and it’s still there, take a look at your diet.

First of all, like we talked about before, your diet should be composed of mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains with only a few “treats” thrown in here and there, but another important thing to look at is your dairy intake, and yes, unfortunately, that does include ice cream!

The reason behind dairy possibly being a culprit in acne comes straight from the cows. Cows can sometimes be fed hormones in less desirable dairy farms, but even on respectable dairy farms, pregnant cows will secrete their hormones into the milk. These hormones get passed on to you whenever you consume anything made from this milk. This sounds scary, but researchers have proven that it is not damaging to your health overall and they would not allow it on store shelves if it was harmful, but, to those whose bodies are sensitive to slight changes, these hormones can be enough to contribute to their acne problem.

So, if your acne is stubborn, try cutting dairy out of your diet for at least a month and see if your acne improves.


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