Covering up Rosacea

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Looking for an effective way to cover up the redness and bumps that are possible with a Rosacea flare up is important to many people. Rosacea can cause severe break outs of papules and many lotions, creams, and makes ups seem to make the problem worsen. Deciding to cover up Rosacea’s embarrassing symptoms becomes a battle of to do or not to do. The decision between natural remedies and prescription medications is another issue. Discovering what works best for each individual is the key. It may be necessary to use prescriptions to heal they skin before following a daily skin care routine.

When choosing to cover up the redness and swelling associated with Rosacea, it is important to understand that some cosmetics and lotions are cheap and made with ingredients that can be harsh to the skin. These products will eventually cause a worsening of symptoms. Products that can dry out the skin or causing burning to the skin will cause irritation over the entire area that was treated and cause problems on their own. Choosing products that are made for sensitive skins is the first step in treatment.

Investing in good quality produces is important. Liquid makeup’s that help with dry skin are a good choice for Rosacea patients. Products that contain fragrance should be avoided. Makes ups with a green tone will mask redness. Those with pinks or reds only make the problem worse and cause the skin to look even more flushed. Most Rosacea patients are fair skinned, so choosing the right color base of make up is important. The most important makeup to chose is sun screen. Before applying any form of make up coverage, it is important to apply a minimum sun screen to protect from the suns harmful rays.


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