Cranberries – not just for Christmas dinner

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Cranberries may be a Christmas decoration – and dinner – staple, but these little berries actually have many benefits.

Cranberries contain an extremely high level of Vitamin C and are one of the best anti-oxidants you can get.  These powerful little berries pack an acidic punch and are very effective in fighting off infections in the body.   As many women already know, the berries and pure juice are great for warding off or healing urinary tract infections, but they also help to protect against ulcers in the body and help greatly to strengthen the heart.   Because the heart is strengthened, the circulation system gets a boost which in turn keeps your body healthy and also keeps your skin healthy and gives it that nice glow.

When your body has a mild infection, or you feel you are suffering from too much inflammation in the body – usually indicated by a low grade fever and fatigue – cranberries are a great alternative to antibiotics.  Studies have shown that in low grade infections they often work the same if not better, plus they don’t destroy the healthy bacteria in the body – in fact, cranberries actually promote the healthy bacteria.  

Their vitamin C content is extremely important for boosting the immune system and keeping the skin clear and healthy.  The anti-oxidants they contain actually help to somewhat protect the skin against skin cancer and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Cranberries are easy to add into your diet.  Fresh or frozen are your best choices and can easily be added to salads, smoothies, or simply eaten on their own, but pure juice and good quality liquid supplements can also be used with great results.   So think of cranberries year round for great body and skin benefits.


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