Dark circles, also referred to as bags, beneath your eyes often make people feel older, tired, aged, and insecure. The development of bags under your eyes could be any number of reasons from diet to genetics. Some origins have an easy quick fix; whereas, others may require a trip to the doctor. Keep reading to find out more.



Diet can absolutely affect the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. The primary culprits are dehydration and a protein deficiency. If you are not drinking enough water or perhaps you are a vegan or vegetarian, you might fall prey to dark circles more so than others.


Solution: It is essential to drink a minimum of 8 glass of water a day, however most people require more hydration such as 12 glasses. A healthy well-balanced diet is also essential.



Several diseases can be associated with the darkening of pigmentation beneath your eyes. Such diseases include anemia, kidney disease, liver failure, and even allergies. The good news is that, according to the Mayo Clinic, bags under your eyes are quite common and rarely associated with a serious medical issue.  

Solution: Visit your doctor at least once a year for an annual checkup and discuss a plan of attack with them.



It has been proven that individuals who exercise have better circulation. Whilst this activity is highly beneficial to the circulation in your arms, legs, heart, etc., it is also beneficial to the blood flow and circulation in the blood vessels beneath your eyes.

Solution: Go for a walk every day as a great start to improving your circulation.



Certain individuals are more prone to dark circles than others. If you are of Mediterranean descent or if you have a darker complexion, you could more easily and more prominently have this pesky condition. The same is true of others as the years pass. For some people, regardless of skin tone, the skin in your face becomes thinner as you get older resulting in dark circles.


Solution: Both of these circumstances typically require a trip to the doctor to discuss the best types of treatments. You can also use highly effective non-prescription products to do the trick.  



Lack of sleep is probably the most commonly associated cause of dark circles under one’s eyes. This is not a myth. If you suffer from insomnia for any reason, the blood vessels under your eyes will dilate. It is the combination of the expanded blood vessel and the thin skin in that particular area of the face that causes discoloration.


Solution: You need to try to get more sleep; however, if this is not working for you, place some cooled tea bags that have been soaking in hot water under your eyes for a few minutes.


If you still get dark circles under your eyes, which is simply the state of reality for some people, you can quickly and affordably cover them up with exceptional concealer products.