Most top skincare companies sell a specialized toner, however is it really necessary? The use of toner has become a daily routine for millions, yet many people still do not quite understand the purpose or benefit of this skincare product. Here, we will review the facts.

What is Toner?

Toner is typically a liquid solution that cleans your skin before you add any additional skincare products. It is to be used after you wash your face to remove additional dead skin cells and excess oil that does not get removed with an initial face wash. It basically provides you with a blank canvas to begin your skincare and makeup routine. Each toner has a unique formula and is ideal for different types of skin. If you have acne, there is a toner for you. If you are looking to increase antioxidants and vitamins to your skincare practice, there is a toner for you. Be sure to read the labels to find your perfect fit.  


Experts Agree

Most industry professionals and experts state that toner is not necessary, however they also say that toners can provide great benefits to your skin. Doctors and dermatologists also agree that alcohol-based toners are not great for any skin type, however plenty of other toners are a great addition to your routine. With the right toner, your pores will shrink, your pH balance will return to healthy levels, it will add a layer of protection to ward off impurities in the environment, it will add moisture to your skin, it will refresh your skin, and it can help prevent ingrown hairs. So, basically, toners are great for men and women alike! And, the right toner can provide an anti-inflammatory effect to calm and soothe irritated skin.

It seems everyone can benefit from using a toner, however it is not absolutely necessary to incorporate into your skincare routine. Although, if you do use a skin toner, you are likely to have even better looking skin that if you do not use one.