Don’t Skip the Prep Step!

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You need to have nice skin to make your cosmetics pop out on the skin. It’s just common sense that artwork needs a clean palate to start on. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are being mimicked the most on YouTube by the makeup gurus and it is easy to see why. She has radiant skin, it practically glows. Is it the primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder, cream blush, powder blush, highlighting powder, or bronzer? Well in all honesty, it is probably all of the above mixed with Photoshop, genetics, a great skincare regime and healthy eating. So how can you achieve the “glow” for summer? A few easy steps can take you there!

1) Exfoliate and moisturize. ZENMED Microdermabrasion Complex will save you unnecessary trips to an esthetician for facials. Using a highly concentrated moisturizer like H-Series will nourish the skin without causing breakouts.
2) Never EVER go to bed with makeup on. Feeling lazy? Throw a little bit of your favourite body lotion in a bowl and into the microwave for about 10 seconds to warm it up. Slather it on your face and use a wet facecloth to wipe it off. Lights out.
3) Invest in sunscreen and self-tanner. Self-tanners are sometimes a bit iffy, always try a lighter shade first and then build it up. Do not tan your face. If you use a tanning bed and think that covering your face with a facecloth is protecting your skin, you are wrong. If you can see out, light is coming in. ZENMED SPF 30 has titanium dioxide in it, a common ingredient in illuminating skincare. This imparts a nice healthy glow.
4) If you are prone to Acne, make sure you are using Acne specific products like ZENMED Derma Cleanse. They have been formulated specifically to counter Acne bacteria.


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