We all wish we had hours to prep for a big night such as Valentine’s Day, however the reality is often that you have highly limited prep time between the time you get home from a long day at work to a special night out. Whether you have a hot date away from the kids or a girl’s night planned, here are a few tips that will maximize your results in minimal time to make the transition from day to night easy peasy.


The Night Before

Make February 13th, another big night. The more you prepare the night before, if not throughout the week prior, the better your skin will appear on the 14th. Did those always-impeccable-timing PMS or stress pimples appear at the worst possible time? Use an acne mask the night before on any of those pesky bumps that dare to make an unwelcomed appearance.


Save yourself potentially hours in front of the mirror Valentine’s night trying to decide on what to wear. Pick out a few contending outfits the night before and try them on with plenty of time to spare. This will give you extra time to think, or obsess, about the details. And, let’s face it, having a few options is a good idea because you could very well change your mind when you go to get ready. I know I do! Try things on the night before to prepare for worst case scenarios like a skirt that no longer fits, a run in your stockings, or to throw in a quick load of laundry.


In The Morning

If you want to workout before your night out, do it before you go to work. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to get ready in the evening. Also, exfoliate your face and body in the morning to save precious minutes in the evening as you race to get ready. Be sure to use an oil-free lotion in the morning to reduce the risk of acne development and to avoid enraging the acne you do have. And, wash and dry your hair in the morning. This will also save you a significant amount of time later. Depending upon the closest business, you could even get a mani and pedi over lunch. Just make an appointment now before they are all booked up.


In Those Precious Minutes

The key to getting ready quickly and looking amazing is preparation. You have already eliminated a number of steps from the night before and the morning of, so now it is time to strategically pick and choose where you want to spend your most time. Instead of washing your hair, use a dry shampoo to remove any oily residue build up from throughout the day, give your hair more volume, and add a lovely scent to your hair.


Makeup is likely your primary focus at this point. But, what happens if you cannot go home? Use a few highly effective products such as a complexion perfector or a CC powder that will cover any blemish for any skin tone. Versatile products such as these allow you to update your makeup in seconds, particularly if you cannot make it home before you go out. They transform skin imperfections and blemishes into glowing attributes. And, they do not take up much space in your bag.


Whether you have to work late, a long commute, an early dinner reservation, excited kids, or you simply have an exhausting day, the more you prepare for Valentine’s Day in advance the less time you have to spend getting ready the night of. Follow these tips to look your best in less time. And, it will make the evening even more enjoyable by not having to stress so much as you get ready while creating stunning results.


What are your time-saving preparation tips to help others in a similar situation this Valentine’s Day?