Easy and Cheap ways to reduce stress

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Being under constant and heavy stress is very bad for your health, and one of the first places it shows up is on your skin.  Learning to relax can be difficult for some, but it is so important.  Here are just a few things you can do that will make a huge difference.

FIND A BIT OF TIME FOR YOURSELF EACH DAY.  Pop in a yoga videotape or learn some relaxing poses from a book or the internet.  Taking a few minutes to stretch out your tight muscles each day will help to reduce stress.  Even just 5 minutes of deep breathing once or twice a day will make a significant difference.

TALK TO A LOVED ONE.  Going for a coffee or a drink (just one!), or even just talking on the phone with a friend or relative will lift your spirits.  Choose an uplifting friend to get your mind off things, or a great listener if you need to vent.

DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE.  Pursuing a passion automatically helps you relax.  It doesn’t matter what it is – knitting, reading, baking, watching a movie, hiking, painting – when you do something you enjoy you reap heavy stress reducing benefits.

WRITE IN A JOURNAL.  Sometimes all you need to put things into perspective is to write them down.  Making lists can also help – things to do, deadlines, even pros and cons – will make you feel more in charge of your life.

TREAT YOURSELF.  Get a massage, even if it’s just from a loved one, or find a place that gives cheap pedicures and ask for an extra long foot massage!   Or even just take a relaxing bubble bath or stand under a hot shower to de-stress.

Be sure you are also eating and sleeping regularly and well.  Remember to also keep up on your skin care routine to help prevent the stress from showing up on your skin.  Taking just a few easy – and cheap! – steps will ensure your body and skin stay in top shape!


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