Eggs – for Easter and for health

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In honor of Easter weekend I will be discussing what I think of when someone says Easter – no, not chocolate – it’s eggs!

Eggs pack a powerful little punch!   Not only are they cheap to buy, easy to cook, and an important ingredient in all my favorite foods like cookies and brownies, but they are extremely good for us.  

In the past eggs have gotten a bad reputation due to the fact that they can contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease.   While you should double check with your doctor, most reports say that as long as you limit your egg intake to no more than one a day, or a few a couple of times per week, they will not harm you.    Besides, it is only the egg yolks that affect cholesterol in any way – you can still go nuts eating egg whites.  This is also some good advice if you are really trying to watch your waistline – eat one egg yolk for every 2-3 egg white.  You won’t even notice the difference in taste!   You still need to consume some of the egg yolk though because the yolk contains choline – which has been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer and help with the nervous system.   The only other foods that contain choline are liver, wheat germ, cauliflower, and some milk – so our best, and yummiest, bet to get this nutrient is from egg yolks.

Eggs also have incredible health benefits that help the eyes – it can reduce both cataracts and macular degeneration.  They also help to benefit the skin from the inside out – being high in minerals and vitamins such as Vitamins B12 and D.

Eggs can be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine to use as weekly masks or treatments.   Egg whites make a wonderful, tightening mask, while egg yolks applied to the skin can help to heal some mild to moderate acne.   Using the gooey part inside the eggshell – called the eggshell membrane – is fantastic when added to a cut or irritation on the skin to soothe and heal it.

At only 68 calories for a whole large egg, eggs are a staple to keep in your refrigerator.   Eat some for your breakfast and your body will thank you – hard boil a few and eat them as snacks throughout the week or whip some up in a scramble with a side of toast.  Apply some topically and your skin will thank you – relax tonight in front of your favorite movie with some whites around your eyes.  And this weekend – be sure to hard boil and decorate some for an egg-stra special Easter egg hunt with your loved ones.


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