Skin Support System or Redness Relief Kit? Our Panel Reviews Both.

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Skin Support System or Redness Relief Kit? Our Panel Reviews Both.

Hello ZENMED Customers! While we make some improvements to the Anti-Redness Mask, we decided to offer you another option for long-term relief from redness, flare-ups, and flushing – The Redness Relief Kit. This includes the same Gentle Cleansing Cream and Support Serum as before, but with a Nutrient Boost Spray instead of Anti-Redness Mask. We also wanted to apologize for taking so long with the repackaging of the Anti-Redness Mask.

How is this system different than the original Skin Support System? Simple.


The Anti-Redness Mask utilizes ingredients like Willow Bark Extract and Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel in a gel base that is meant to stay on the skin for a few minutes and then be washed off. The Nutrient Boost Spray instantly delivers the benefits of these ingredients in a formulation that can be sprayed on, hence leaving the actives on the skin to keep it calm all day. It’s easier to use and with faster results!

And, now and until the end of November, when you purchase this new and improved system, you get a travel pack bonus for FREE.

The Skin Support System is available for purchase on a pre-order basis right now until the gentler, more soothing masks arrive. In the meantime, we encourage you to give our Redness Relief Kit a try!

As we are constantly improving our product offerings to our customers, we decided to put these two systems to a test panel of Rosacea sufferers to see what they thought about using the Nutrient Boost Spray instead of the Anti-Redness Mask. Here is some feedback:

“The Nutrient Boost Spray, I find it very cooling and calming on my skin. I use it every day.”

“I like a traditional wash, tone, moisturizer system, so I prefer the Redness Relief Kit. But I will continue to use the mask once a week.”

“I prefer your Nutrient Boost Spray after using the Skin Support System for 3 years. Cleaner and faster than using the mask.”

The Skin Support System and Redness Relief Kit are just two options we provide to our customers for better long term relief. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and if you have any questions about our products or would like us to create a custom solution for you, please email us any time at


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