Exfoliate your body the healthy way

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It is very important to exfoliate your skin regularly to reveal your fresh skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh.  You can find many body scrub products at your local drugstore which smell nice but contain lots of unwanted chemicals and dyes.  Here are suggestions for some easy exfoliants you can make yourself that also smell nice but don’t come with the harsh chemicals.  Plus – these ingredients are a lot cheaper! This is so easy to do – you can really use anything you want!  Find out what you have around the house and what you think smells good and start from there.

A great scrub to try at this time of year which is gentle, effective, and super moisturizing is a mixture of honey and oatmeal.   Dry skin can also benefit from avocado, olive oil, and yogurt mixtures.  Coarse salt or bran can be used as the exfoliant ingredient if your skin is not sensitive and you can even add apple or orange juice to your mixture to give your scrub a dose of vitamin C. 

You can add a few drops of essential oils to your mix to get a great smell and add an invigorating or relaxing quality to the scrub.

After you brew your morning coffee – a great way to get rid of the leftover grinds is to take them in the shower or bath with you and use them to exfoliate.   This is a great way to wake up as the smell and exfoliatant is extremely exhilarating!

Play around with ingredients you have to find a consistency and formula you like and use these mixtures several times a week for the best benefit to your skin.   Use gentle circular motions and rinse off completely.  If you have any cuts, burns, or sensitive skin avoid those areas and if you have body acne – it’s best to use a treatment that is a little more acne oriented such as the ZENMED Body Acne Combo on these areas.

You will smell great, your skin will look great and glowing, and best of all – you’re not applying any chemicals to your body!


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