There are plenty of articles and websites showing many different facial exercises that you can do which promise to keep your skin looking young and supple.   But before you start contorting your face into weird expressions – let’s take a look at what experts say about them.

It would make sense that exercising the facial muscles would keep them tight – because that’s how it works in the body.   However, some experts say that repeated extra movements of your facial skin will lead to premature lines and wrinkles – like how smokers get lines around their mouths by constantly puckering.  So – what are you to do?

Both of these statements are true so what you have to do is to tone your muscles without contorting your facial skin too much – and no crinkling of the eyes, forehead, or mouth!   Use light resistance as you would with the muscles in the body by using your hand to push against your skin while performing your facial and neck exercises.

Find a good book or DVD that gives you proper instruction before trying this – and remember that as with strengthening your body consistency is key.  Do not expect to see results unless you put the time in.   And be realistic about the results you expect to see – experts do say that over time with consistent training you should see some noticeable results, but the best way to keep your skin young looking and supple is to stay out of the sun, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and don’t smoke.