ZENMED – Father’s Day – Gift Guide

What to get Dad on Father’s Day? Ahh, the age-old dilemma. It’s rarely an easy decision – that’s why so many of us just wind up getting him the same-old cliche gifts. Now we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that. BUT, we beg of you – for the love of god – don’t get the old man another tie. And lets give the golfing gags a rest too while we’re at it. Sure, the chocolate golf balls were funny once, but it might be time to put them out to pasture… just saying.


Instead, get him something he can really use – something that will make him look and feel good. We’re talking, of course, about the gift of healthy skin. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to men’s skin care products – don’t sweat it! We’ve made it easy for you with the following gift guide:


Zenmed-Botanical-Acne-Body-WashA Clean Slate

If dad likes to hit the gym (and/or golf course) on a regular basis, he may be in desperate need of a good exfoliant like ZENMED’s invigorating Botanical Acne Body Wash. Not only will this minty fresh, granular formula leave dad feeling totally rejuvenated; it will also prevent acne breakouts, especially the kind associated with excessive perspiration.



Zenmed-SPF40-Mineral-SunscreenFun in the Sun

If dad has sensitive skin, he probably stays away from most sunscreens. But it doesn’t have to be that way. ZENMED’s SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen is specially formulated for dry, acne-prone, red/reactive, post-treatment and photosensitive skin. So if you’re worried about dad exposing his face to harmful UVA/UVB ultra-violet rays, this is a great option.



Zenmed-Three-Step-Skin-Care-SystemFountain of Youth

Is your Mom aging better than your Dad? That’s probably because she has a regular skin care routine; whereas dad’s just as happy to use bar soap on his face. Help dad look the best he possibly can with a good wrinkle treatment like ZENMED’s Three Step Skin Care System. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks – you just need the right bag of tricks.