Fighting Dry, Uncomfortable Skin in a Dry Climate

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Many of us don’t have the benefit of living in a temperate climate where we don’t see many changes happen to our skin on a seasonal basis. But let’s take a place like Calgary, Alberta for example. Dry and hot during the summer, but even dryer in the winter. Coming from the West coast, rainforest climate of Canada, I instantly noticed the difference not only in temperature but in the moisture. Dry eyes, dry lips, dry flaky skin, fine lines, dandruff, and even my heels are cracked. So here are some everyday tips that help me maintain suppleness and a healthful appearance. Buy a humidifier and run it at night in your bedroom. At night is when the skin rejuvenates itself and maximum cell turnover occurs. It is also thought that the skin heats up while sleeping hence making anything you put on your skin absorb deeper. So the most healing happens at night. Try to avoid using soap on your face and move to more of a scrub or cream washing product in the evening during the winter. The scrub will exfoliate the flakiness and help whatever you apply afterward absorb better. I religiously use the ZENMED Microdermabrasion Complex as a wash product at night because it is a CLAY wash with NO SOAP. I give myself a good scrub, remove any pesky makeup with makeup remover, pat my skin dry and use the amazing ZENMED H-Series Moisturizer sparingly over my face. This moisturizer is fortified with a high-grade Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and contains no petroleum. Skin gets an immediate sheen and glow to it without breaking you out. Seriously, amazing stuff for dry climates. As for the rest, my toolbox for dry skin includes a buffer for my heals which I use dry, a high lactic acid concentrate heel cream which I apply right after the buff, moisture socks that I cut the front parts off of because I cant sleep with socks on (but my heels are still covered 🙂 ), a beeswax-based lip balm, ZENMED Derm Care Lotion for my body, Derm Care cream for my hands, OTC lubricating eye drops from my optometrist, and the dandruff I am trying to deal with internally. I am taking a high Omega 3-6-9 liquid concentrate with flaxseed oil, mixed tocopherols, and others. I am also seriously avoiding the long, hot showers I soooo love, my myriad of really pretty smelling bath gels, and have moved to buying my favorite perfumes lotion version instead of the usual spray. Wow I sound serious don’t I?? And I will quickly add that I have also resorted to not using those long-wearing makeups because they instantly dehydrate your skin and go into the creases and make you look aged. Go for moisturizing versions of the same makeups. I hope something here helps you! – Mandy


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