Figs – nature’s sweetest treat

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If the only way you have ever had figs is in the fig newton cookies then you are missing out on some great tasting and nutritious treats.

The cookies may taste good but they have sugar and salt added for extra flavor and to give it the cookie texture so they are not the best for you – although they are still the best choice in the packaged cookie aisle.   Fresh figs are best but as they are only available at certain times of the year, you can find dried figs at any time.

Figs are grown on ficus trees, which are related to the mulberry plant.  There are a few different types of figs, ranging in color from yellow to black, and ranging in flavor from sweet to very sweet.  The whole fig can be eaten but a lot of people find the skin a little tough and peel it.  Either way the fig has some great health benefits.

Figs contain a great deal of fiber and are often suggested by natural health practitioners to patients dealing with digestive and constipation issues.   They also have been proven to lower cholesterol and insulin levels and have very high antioxidant properties, which keep your body and skin healthy.

Figs are so easy to use!  You can snack on them as they are, or slice and add to sandwiches and salads, or even to oatmeal or granola to give it a little sweetness.  They are low in calories and good for you, so the next time you are craving something sweet – turn to figs instead of cookies for the best benefit to your body.


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