Food for your face

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Here are a few great ideas for face masks you can use with ingredients most of us have in our own kitchens!   So the next time you feel like your skin needs a treat and you don’t have any of your favorite mask on hand – whip up one of these.

A great place to start is with yogurt.  Yogurt is beneficial because it contains enzymes and lactic acid that are very good for the skin.  Be sure to use plain yogurt only, not any of the flavored kinds.  Yogurt is great on its own to help give the skin a glow – and even to help with acne because it has anti-bacterial properties.   You can also add a squirt or two of honey to add extra moisture benefits, or mash up some strawberries and add it in.  Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid so they will help to gently exfoliate and help with acne.   Strawberries can also be used on their own as well.  Using ripe bananas either on their own or mixed with yogurt will help with oily skin.   Oatmeal and yogurt work exceptionally well for dry and dehydrated skin.   Whip together some egg whites for a tightening effect to skin, or some yolks for a super nutrient boost great for acne prone skin.

Whatever ingredient(s) you choose for your skin – be sure to use fresh ingredients and apply to clean skin in a thin layer.  Leave on for 15-45 minutes then rinse off completely – finishing with your moisturizer.   Your skin will look great!


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