Get Ready for Spring!

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Can you feel it?  Spring is in the air!  This is the time of year that everyone looks forward to.   Very soon tank tops, shorts, and flip flops will be replacing sweaters, jeans, and boots so you will want to get your body ready.  

First, you should start off by exfoliating your body.   This will remove any built up layers of skin and give your skin a new glow.  You can buy scrubs for the body but it’s easy to make your own using a combination of brown sugar, a bit of honey, and maybe a few drops of your favorite essential oils.  You can also use your morning’s leftover coffee grounds to make a great body scrub that will perk you up in the morning!  For your face use a less abrasive product such as the ZENMED Microdermabrasion Complex.

Make sure to follow up with sunscreen on freshly exfoliated skin.   I have been telling you how important it is to use sunscreen all year long but it is especially important when the sun is shining and you are spending longer hours outside.

If you haven’t already done so go back and read my previous blog posts for some great tips on how to get a close rash-free shave, and how to make sure the sandal-ready pedicure you’re getting is safe.  Keep on drinking lots of water to stay hydrated during the hot months and to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  And be sure to keep checking back to this blog for more great skin and summer fun tips.


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