Have you considered Reflexology?

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Can Reflexology help with skin conditions??

Well, it can in some ways. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what reflexology is – it is a practice of applying pressure to the feet, hands, and/or ears to stimulate areas and organs in the body. Each area on your foot or hand corresponds with an organ or area in the body. It helps to promote blood flow and circulation throughout the body and works to release toxins of any “blocked” areas.

Reflexology is quite relaxing for the most part but some areas that are worked on may be a bit painful or sensitive – which generally means that is a “blocked” area and should be focused on.

If you are suffering from any persistent problem – from skin issues to body issues such as insomnia or stomach problems – reflexology can help to release any stress and toxins from that area and aid with your treatment. During reflexology sessions each point throughout the body is worked on, not just the troubled area (although that will probably get longer attention), giving the whole body a chance to relax. This, in turn, raises your overall well-being and aid in any recovery your body needs.


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