Have You Heard of Emu Oil?

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For the last few years Emu oil has become an extremely popular oil to help with various ailments.   Although I know people who use it and have seen it advertised, I never really knew what it was all about.

Emu oil comes from the layer of thick subcutaneous fat on the back of the emu bird.  It is important that you buy pure emu oil from a reputable source such as a health food store, or from the manufacturers themselves – who are commonly found at farm markets or trade shows.   Some emu oils are processed with a lot of unnecessary chemicals or do not contain emu oil at all – so talk to who you are buying it from because they should be able to tell you if there are any additives and how it was manufactured.

Emu oil is a natural, effective anti-inflammatory which has become popular with anyone who has arthritis or joint swelling.  It has become the go-to product for sports professionals as it can ward off and quickly heal leg cramps and muscle discomfort.  It is extremely moisturizing so applying it onto the skin will not only help with inflammation but will protect and soothe the skin and is incredible for helping with some types of dermatitis and eczema.  It’s perfect for helping with dry elbows, chapped lips, and dry cracked feet.  Antioxidants are naturally present in emu oil so applying it will help to regenerate the skin and protect against fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning skin.   Some recent research has even shown that it may help to heal scars and stretch marks because of its cell regenerating properties.

Since Emu oil is natural – if you get it from the right source – it’s a better alternative to the many lotions, lip balms, and muscle balms it can replace.  Plus even though the natural oil can be a tad expensive – you only have to buy one product that does it all – so it works out cheaper in the end! Who wouldn’t want one great product that does it all?  I think that this is a necessity for every household – I’ll be picking up a bottle for mine.


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