Here’s help for a dry, itchy scalp

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Do you suffer from the embarrassing white flakes showering all over your shoulders, caused by your dry scalp?  This is quite a common issue at this time of year because of the dry, dry weather, but some people suffer from dry scalp and dandruff all year round.  You can easily go down to your local drugstore and find a bottle of shampoo claiming to help with these conditions, but if you ever look at the ingredient list – it’s a mile long and contains some extremely harsh chemicals used to “cure” dandruff.  Sometimes using these chemicals will actually irritate your scalp and make it red and sensitive, and even if it doesn’t harm your scalp it will make your hair dry.  There are some natural alternatives to helping with dry scalp and dandruff to save you from all the chemicals and their harsh side effects.

Jojoba, olive, and peppermint oils will often help to get your scalp back to normal condition.  If your scalp is quite sensitive – rose oils and chamomile can help to soothe.  For more of an extreme dandruff problem – quite often using oils such as lavender, tea tree, myrrh, patchouli and rosemary can provide relief.  Aloe Vera also provides quite a nice moisturizing and healing treat for the scalp.

Simply massage these oils directly onto the scalp and use a gentle shampoo to wash out, or mix a few drops directly into your gentle shampoo and shampoo as usual.   You can also apply these oils afterward to add moisture back into the scalp.   Feel free to mix a few of the oils to get the best scent and treatment for your scalp.

Dandruff and dry scalp, especially as seen at this time of year, is typically caused by the dry weather – but it can also be caused, or exasperated by stress and a poor diet.   Just another reason to take care of your body!


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