Beyonce has been named the“World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2012” by People Magazine and marks the ninth time this natural beauty has been nominated.


What is this woman’s secret to her youthful glowing looks? Surely it can’t just be down to genetics can it?

Thankfully it isn’t just Beyonce’s genes that give her that glow; a good skin care routine and a healthy, active lifestyle seem to be a factor too.

Smooth, radiant skin isn’t just for Grammy award winners, oh no, us marvellous mortals can achieve beautiful glowing skin with some simple skin care routine tips.

What Goes In Shows Out

Beyonce is known to enjoy her food but doesn’t go too crazy because she respects her body and is wise to how food affects her system. Beyonce has said she simply enjoys a cereal breakfast, a light balanced lunch and a lighter dinner. Understanding that foods play a huge part in your skins health is important because what you consume can be the difference between glowing skin and problem skin.

Stay Protected

Beyonce makes sure that she stays out of the sun, wears sunglasses and sunscreen protection as often as possible and keeps well hydrated.

Take Time Out

Relaxation is vital in everyone’s life and especially if you have a busy schedule like Beyonce. Stress, poor health and relentless activity will all take their toll on your skin causing breakouts, premature ageing and flare-ups. So it is vital that you learn to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

Get Skin That Glows

If you truly want glowing skin like Beyonce then you have to work from the ground up.

Basically, ensure that you

> Regularly exfoliate your skin

> Moisturize daily

> Apply products that match your skin type, tone and complexion

> Use a safe mineral sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher

> Use a primer which is either oil free, hydrating or mineral based

> Use make-up that doesn’t clog or cake

If you want great looking skin like Beyonce, take some time to pamper your skin to keep it looking its best!