How to Get Glowing Skin for the Summer

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woman eating a melon for hydration

Well it looks like summer is finally here which means we’ll all be showing a little more skin.

Most of us have bits of our body we’d rather keep covered up right? But if you lead a healthy, active lifestyle and use a good skincare routine you can usually find the confidence in bearing a little more flesh.

Using skincare tips like exfoliating regularly, using the right skincare combination, staying protected from the sun and moisturizing daily will help keep your skin healthy and radiant.

There are some simple tricks you can use to help you get glowing skin for the summer and I’m going to share them with you.

I mentioned exfoliating and I’m not just talking about your face

If you want glowing skin and the confidence to flash more flesh then try total body exfoliation 1 to 3 times a week. This will help you to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, make your skin smoother and help prevent body acne.

Cut back on salty foods

I’m not saying don’t eat any salt because without some you wouldn’t be able to survive but most people tend to have a little more than is good for them. Too much salt can have a dehydrating effect on the skin and the body, so stay away from salty snacks and adding extra to your cooking. Instead use spices in your cooking and eat hydrating foods like melon, celery, cucumber and lettuce.

Start moving more

Exercise is an awesome way for you to get glowing skin. If you’re not into going to the gym or a class then just simply move more. Ditch the car or the bus/tram/train and start walking more places. I guarantee in just 3 weeks you will not only notice that your skin is looking better but you’ll have more energy and also lost any extra pounds you may be carrying!

Remember to chillax a little

Too much stress, running around and not stopping to smell the roses can wreak havoc on your skin so just stop for a minute and rest. Especially when the weather is warmer, it’s nice to take some time out to just sit and appreciate nature. If you do this on a daily basis your skin will be glowing and so will your heart.

Always be gentle with your skin but be consistent. When you find something that works, stick with it. Once you’ve started a skincare routine, keep it up because real results take time to show through. Treating your skin too roughly can lead to damaged skin cells and breakouts so use chemical free products, moisturizing products and apply all with tender loving care.

If you follow all of these tips for glowing skin then there’s an added bonus for the ladies. Because of the improved circulation you will also see an improvement in cellulite reduction.

This is how to get glowing skin for the summer. Shorts and vest at the ready!

Although, if you follow these skin care tips you’ll have glowing skin all year round anyway.


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