Skincare Tips for the Summer

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As we move into summer it is important that you start your summer skincare routine and if you don’t already have one then it’s time to start.

Wherever you are in the world, with the warmer weather on its way you can expect to experience humidity, dry air, rising temperatures and damaging UV rays.

These changes in temperature and external environment can play havoc with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and even irritate scars.

ZENMED is here to help!

Follow these skin care tips for the summer…

Firstly make sure that you have an effective sunblock which will help give your skin the protection it needs. ZENMED has a SPF 40 mineral sunscreen which is doctor formulated to ensure it gives the best protection for problem skin. Every single person needs to wear sun protection but it is especially important if you suffer from rosacea or acne prone skin.

Use a light cleanser which includes natural ingredients to help keep your skin clear. The ZENMED DermaCare cleanser gently removes excess oils and dead skin from the surface without affecting the natural pH levels or drying out the skin. Perfect for most skin types especially sensitive skin.

Make sure your water intake is sufficient. There are many ways to keep your water levels up beside drinking water. Fruit and herbal teas are refreshing and especially if you allow them to cool and add ice. Salad is packed with water so eat plenty of that. Lettuce, celery and cucumber are ideal foods to eat during the warmer months.

You might like to try a simple skin hydration trick which I use during the summer. Get one of those travel spritz bottles from your local beauty store, fill it with mineral water and then put it in the fridge for at least an hour. Now when you’re feeling a little overheated you can spritz your face with cool mineral water. I keep mine on the bedside drawer so on those hot nights I can keep myself cool.

Use a gentle facial wash to help prevent pores becoming blocked and causing acne. ZENMED’s Facial Cleansing Gel is the perfect way to wash away the effects of the day and keep your skin feeling and looking fresh. This pH balanced gentle cleansing wash includes aloe vera and tea tree to help leave your skin feeling refreshed and revived.

Of course ensure that you wear breathable fabrics, sunglasses and hats to keep yourself cool and safe from the sun. Use the tips here and you’ll ensure you have a happy summer without too many (or any) skin complaints.


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