How to Let Your Acne Tell You What’s Wrong

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Facial Mapping Acne Guide

Do you feel like parts of your face are more susceptible to acne than others? Do you constantly experience Orion’s Belt on your forehead? Or maybe you just get one major Jupiter on your chin. Did you know that this consistency can actually tell you something about your health and body?


It’s called Face Mapping, and it’s your new best friend. Originating in chinese medicine and moving forward with modern dermatological studies, this new method of understanding the body is your key to a clear face and an overall health overhaul, personalized.


Let’s get started:

Facial Mapping Acne Guide

Facial Mapping Acne Guide


1. Digestive System & Bladder: Your body needs your help. You may be eating too much greasy food and/or not drinking enough water. Something is telling your body that it needs to get cleaned out, and your forehead is, unfortunately, its outlet.
a.  First and foremost, drink more water. As a bonus, squeeze a lemon into your glass to help cleanse your body.

b.  Eat more fruits and veggies. It is time to cut down on the greasy food and build yourself up with some healthier alternatives.


2. Liver: Your toxicity levels are too high.

a.  Give your liver a break. Cut down on pop and alcohol and drink some fruit smoothies with immune boosters.

b.  Try not to eat too late at night, give your liver a good nights sleep as well.


3. Kidneys: It is time for a cleanse. This doesn’t mean you need to stop eating solid foods for a week, but it certainly means your kidneys need a clean-out.

a.  Help your body flush out with more green leafy veggies.

b.  Stay hydrated with water and lemon every day.


4. Heart: How is your blood pressure doing? Are you getting enough Vitamin B? Re-evaluate the fats you are eating and make sure you are choosing the right makeup for your skin type.
a.  Eat more nuts and seeds. These are high in ‘good fat’.
b.  Cut down on harsh foods, such as spices, red meat, salt, etc.
c. Make sure your make-up is not expired and that you are wearing a light foundation. The pores on your nose are large and susceptible to clogging.


5. Kidneys: Same as the area between your brows, you need a clean out. Cut out pop, coffee, and alcohol, these will dehydrate you and what you need now is water!


6. Respiratory System: If you smoke or have a food allergy, this is the likely the cause of your acne.
a.  Evaluate your food choices. Many people have allergies to wheat and dairy. Try to cut these out of your diet completely for a month and see how you feel, and what your face shows you.
b.  Increase your oxygen levels. If you smoke your body is deprived of oxygen. Lay on your back each night and do some deep breathing.
c. Try a different laundry detergent. You may have sensitivities to the chemicals used in common household products.

7. Hormones:
This is your bodies outlet for internal changes. Although hormones are natural, there are ways to combat their effects on your skin.
a.  Get at least 8 hours of sleep, drink 8 glasses of water, and eat more greens.
b.  We don’t doubt you clean your face, but when your hormones are acting up your skin can become the worst of itself, so keep on top of your daily routine.
c.  Other causes for breakouts here are stress or just ovulation.


8. Stomach:
Your body is too toxic and needs to become more alkaline.
a.  Eat more fiber and drink herbal teas.
b.Chew slower when you are eating and be sure to give yourself plenty of time for meals so that your stress level is low at this time.


9. Illness: Your body is fighting something off and it needs you to sit back, relax, and let it do it’s job.
a.  Do some deep breathing, take a yoga class, take more naps, relax.
b.Drink lots of water so that whatever it is you may be brewing, your body has the energy to fend it off.

 So there you have it, a way for us to finally speak the language of our body and let our own skin tell us what we need.


Remember that our face map is only a guideline and these rules do not apply to everyone, but studies indicate that they are a good foundation. So if you get a pimple on your nose it does not always mean your heart needs help, you could just have a clogged pore from sweat and makeup.


So what is your body lacking?


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