Ever look in the mirror and wondered why your skin is breaking out? It is usually because you’ve got clogged pores, but don’t worry because there are lots of things you can do to ensure you keep your pores unclogged and minimized.

To understand how best to treat clogged pores you first need to know what they are and how they get clogged.

What are pores?

Pores are hair follicle glands which cover the entire surface of your body. The pores on your skin excrete sweat, salt and oils, and help to regulate your bodies’ temperature as well as keep your skin moisturized.  If you don’t keep your skin clear and take care of your body from within then the oils which are meant to leave your body can become trapped in the pores creating clogging, pimples, black heads spots and if untreated for a long time can develop into acne.

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How to Prevent Clogged Pores

Tip #1 – Cleanse Your Skin

Regardless of your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive) everyone needs to cleanse their skin to remove impurities, external elements and sweat. A facial cleanser that contains proven natural ingredients is best, and ideally use one from a trusted brand. Ensure it contains salicylic acid and is specially formulated for your skin type. A daily cleansing gel is ideal to help wash away impurities from your skin that have built up throughout the day.

Tip #2 – Remove Makeup

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this all before and it is easier said than done especially when you’re tired or had a night out but this is really important if you want to avoid clogged pores. So, make sure that you remove your makeup using a gentle cream cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. Another tip with makeup is to choose only oil free makeup and use a primer to stop the makeup seeping into your pores.

Tip #3 – Use Natural Ingredient Products

If you choose not to use products that contain natural ingredients then you are welcoming blocked pores into your life. Harsh chemicals used in lots of products on the market can seriously cause you to have problem skin. If your skin becomes too oily in a protective reaction toward harsh ingredients found in your skin care products then it will lead to clogged pores and problem skin. A good skin care product will use as many natural ingredients as they can utilize which will help you to have unclogged pores and glowing, blemish free skin.

Tip #4 – Exfoliate Your Skin

You may have clogged pores on your face or your body and one way to open them up and clean them is exfoliation. You will want to use a gentle exfoliator for your face and possibly a slightly firmer one for your body. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will help to remove the dead skin from your body helping to clear your clogged pores and expose new skin. Regular exfoliation helps to prevent acne from forming and improves skin circulation.

Follow these simple skin care tips to help you prevent your pores from becoming clogged.