I Don’t Understand Rosacea, But It Seems Like No One Else Does Either

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I was recently asked what causes Rosacea. Is it vascular, fungal, bacterial, or just plain old genetics? I am not a Doctor so that is not something I can respond to at all with authority. But my response is always the same, and it is in the form of a question always: “What causes it for you?” The vast majority of sufferers already know their triggers and but they really just don’t want to be suffering from it and want to prevent it from getting worse. They are tired of the red, ruddy appearance, or pustules or general flushing appearance. Or they would like to heal the flare-ups and prevent them from happening in the first place. Do you fall into one of these categories? You are far from alone, ZENMED’s products for red, reactive skin are by far the top selling products in the entire store. When the flare-up happens, we can take it from there. But handling the triggers are ALL ABOUT YOU. So this little entry is about the possible triggers that most people know about, and perhaps a few you didn’t know about. These come from actual customers of ZENMED.

1. Alcohol – perhaps an allergy or change in vascular pressure in the body
2. Weather conditions, like wind blowing against the face
3. Sun exposure
4. Temperature changes, like walking into a hot room
5. Older age
6. Emotional changes
7. Caffeine
8. Spicy, hot foods
9. Detergents or perfumes

In can possibly be concluded that Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition whereby the redness is usually a reaction to something. So what can we do to keep inflammation at bay? One way is to avoid your triggers altogether. Do no ingest anything that causes your skin to react. Cover your face in the cold and the sun. Use a sunscreen and a hat if in the sun. Try a natural, anti-inflammatory diet as recommended by a naturopath. Another way is to supplement a healthy diet with the ZENMED Skin Support Supplement. This is an excellent source of naturally-known anti-inflammatories, like Bromelain. It is also antioxidant rich to help support the body’s natural immune function, the key to keeping inflammation low.

Skincare becomes increasingly important with Rosacea sufferers. Skin must be handled very delicately, so no use of scrubs or hot water when cleansing the face. Use only gentle, non-scented, non-colored, cream based cleansers like the Gentle Cleansing Cream by ZENMED. As we age, this condition does not seem to get any better with time, it often spreads from the cheeks to the nose and eyes if left untreated or treated carelessly. So the key is to treat the skin quickly after an inflammatory response so the less chance we have of long term damage. Our Support Serum is fortified with Ascorbic Acid, as the benefits of Vitamin C are long understood in the skincare community. This product is the top seller at ZENMED. So I hope this gives you some hope about your condition, there are products out there that are tried and true and people-tested for success without breaking the bank, so to speak. – Mandy

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    I have had rosacea for years — I noticed when I avoid certain triggers, I see a difference in my cheeks……I still don’t understand it, but the skin products that help are the ones that aren’t filled with chemical clutter.

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