If you’re going to pop a pimple – pop it correctly

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It really is best to leave a pimple alone and let it heal on its own because popping pimples can lead to bacteria spreading over the skin and possible scarring of the area. But we know most of you are going to ignore this advice and go ahead and pop it anyway – so let us at least tell you the safest way to do it!

First of all – don’t even think of popping any pimple that doesn’t have a visible whitehead! Red pimples and other raised lesions should not be touched, and blackheads need to be gently exfoliated rather than popped. If your pimple does have visible pus at its head – you may proceed.

Start by washing your face and hands well with your facial cleanser. Use steam to open your pores to make the process easier. If your skin is very sensitive, either just use the steam from your shower, or use a hot washcloth pressed on the pimple only. If your skin is not excessively sensitive, a hot washcloth all over the skin or the face over a bowl of hot water is another way to steam open pores.

Cover your fingers in tissue paper or use a couple of q-tips and gently squeeze either side of the pimple. After a few squeezes if your pimple still has not popped, you may re-steam and try again, or just leave it and try again when it is ready. If you are successful in breaking the whitehead open, be sure to wipe all the pus away with clean tissue or a wet washcloth. Be sure you get as much out of the whitehead as possible. Apply an ice cube over the area for a few minutes to reduce the redness and inflammation. Finish up by applying ZenMed Acne Gel on the area to kill any leftover bacteria and help to heal the pimple. If your skin is prone to scarring you can apply a natural Vitamin E oil to the area as this can help protect the area.


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