Acne facts you need to know

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Approximately 80% of people between the ages of 11-30 have suffered from some sort of acne in their lives.

The onset of acne generally occurs at age 11 for girls, and age 13 for boys.

70% of women notice their acne occurring, or getting worse, in the week leading up to their time of the month.

Acne is caused by a combination of factors such as over productive skin oils, hormones, and bacteria on the skin.

Washing your acne prone skin frequently, or with a scrub, can actually make skin worse – twice a day with a gentle cleanser is enough!

Blackheads are not dirt! They are the darkening of the sebum due to oxidized sebum under the skin. A gentle exfoliant such as the AHA/BHA complex can help blackheads significantly.

Acne can be hereditary – if one or both of your parents had severe acne, the risk is higher for you!

You may think you have acne when you actually have another condition such as rosacea or keratosis pilaris. See your doctor or dermatologist for a proper diagnosis so you can choose the best treatment for your skin issues.

Mild, infrequent acne can generally be kept under control with topical treatments such as the Acne Gel, or the Acne Mask as a spot treatment. Severe, stubborn acne needs to be stopped at its source using the Derma Cleanse System to treat the acne from both the inside and outside.


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