Important news about Omega 3

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Walk into any grocery store and look at almost any product on the shelf and it will probably be labeled “an essential form of omega 3” or “omega 3 added”.   So, why has this omega 3 become so popular and what’s it going to do for us?

Omega 3 is a blend of essential fatty acids that are extremely important to the way your body functions.   Omega 3 is vital for the health of your brain and nervous system.  It also has been proven to prevent certain diseases such as Heart disease and some cancers.  And not only does omega 3 help to reduce some of the inflammation in the body; it is also extremely beneficial to the health of your skin, hair and nails.

If you are lacking Omega 3 in your diet you will probably notice symptoms the same as a mild flu – aches, pains and mild fatigue.   Your nails will often be soft and your scalp itchy.  Even if you do not have these symptoms – adding omega 3 to your diet will greatly benefit your body – inside and out!


The main sources for Omega 3’s are fish – especially salmon – and sardines, but walnuts and flax seeds contain a great amount if fish is not your thing.  As I mentioned above – quite a lot of foods these days are enriched with Omega 3’s and this can be a great starting point, but don’t count on getting the best health benefit from these sources.   If you are not eating at least 2-3 servings of fish and sardines a week, you may want to consider taking a good quality supplement containing about 600 mg per day.

These days all doctors and nutritionists agree how important Omega 3 is for your health. A recent report showed that most of them will recommend their patients complaining about various conditions up their intake of Omega 3 – and they have reported that in more than half the cases they see, this is enough to make the patient feel better and they need no further treatment or medication!

So grill up some fish, sprinkle some flax seed into your pasta sauce or onto your oatmeal, and watch your body feel and look healthier in no time!


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