Is it Acne or Rosacea?

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Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between acne and rosacea.  They both can come with redness, pustules and inflammation so it can be confusing, but if you are treating the wrong ailment – you could end up making things worse.  So let’s look at how to figure out if you have acne, rosacea, or in some cases – both.

Rosacea sufferers can have acne as part of their symptoms – that is the main reason why many people assume they have acne and not rosacea.  Look closely at your skin – if there is a redness that comes and goes and is mainly on the cheek, nose and chin area – it could be rosacea.  Dilated blood vessels are also a common symptom of rosacea, and if your eyes are affected in any way – it is most likely rosacea.   It is quite common for rosacea sufferers to assume that they simply have acne and their redness is caused by sensitive skin but it usually ends up being rosacea.   Fair skinned people are usually the unlucky ones who get this condition, and although it can strike at any age, rosacea generally has an onset of age 30 or so – so if you fit into those categories – it’s probably not adult acne, it’s rosacea.  A great way to treat rosacea symptoms is with the ZENMED Skin Support System.   The gentle cleanser and serum it comes with are fantastic for gently helping with the redness, and the mask it comes with is a great treat for when you need some extra soothing.  A great addition to this system is our Skin Support Supplement – which contains herbs and vitamins to make your skin look the best it can be.

If you are getting a lot of whiteheads, or any blackheads – those are not signs of rosacea.  They can generally be treated with a very gentle exfoliator and a good cleansing routine.  More substantial pimples – not accompanied by a lot of redness is acne.  Acne can easily be treated with treatments such as the ZENMED Derma Cleanse System, which treats acne naturally from the inside and out – ensuring the acne is stopped at its source so it won’t reoccur.

Occasionally someone suffering with rosacea can also have acne.   In these cases it is best to treat the skin with rosacea topical because acne medications can sometimes irritate rosacea prone skin, but to treat the acne from its root with the ZENMED Derma Cleanse Capsules.

Take a good look at your skin because knowing what you are dealing with is the first step in choosing the correct treatment.


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