It’s flu season – how to boost your immune system

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Fall is definitely here and that means only one thing – winter is just around the corner!  The arrival of the colder, rainier, darker, and possibly snowy, weather means that cold and flu season is here.    The flu shot is a popular option for people who want some protection against the flu, however there has been some doubt about the safety of the shot, and some people just don’t like to get shots – so there are other options to boost your immune system without being poked.

First of all, eat a healthy diet.  You may have noticed that this is a reoccurring theme in these posts but that is because it is so important!  Eating a healthy diet is key to keeping your body healthy and therefore boosting your immune system and keeping your skin clear and your body running smoothly.   Fruits and vegetables such as oranges, spinach, and fall’s favorite fruit – the apple, are all great because they contain vitamins that naturally boost your immune system and help to fight off any viruses you may pick up.  Garlic works great as an antiviral so add it to as many of your dishes you can. 

Getting enough rest is also very important during this season.   Not just sleep, but rest.  Take time to wind down and relax.   This can be easier said than done during the busy holiday season but do try to take at least a few minutes each day to relax – your body will thank you.

Drinking lots of water is important all of the time, but now it is especially important because it will help to flush out toxins and keep your mucous membranes moist which is helpful in preventing colds and flu’s.

This may seem like common sense – but one of the easiest ways to prevent viruses from getting hold of you is to avoid sick people!  If you must interact with someone who is sick – try to keep your distance and wash your hands during and after your interaction with them.  Hopefully they will use tissues and cover their mouth with the tissue or their arm while coughing or sneezing so the virus doesn’t become airborne.

If you find the busyness of the holiday and the holiday treats that are commonly available too much to ignore and you are unable to maintain a healthy diet, or if you suffer from a low immune system and find you do get sick often anyway, you can take a good quality multivitamin or take a special supplement such as the ZENMED Zenhance which works naturally to boost your immune system and protect you during this season.


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