Just Butt out!!

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We all know that smoking can have harmful consequences on your health, such as developing bronchitis, pneumonia and even several different types of cancers, and if that isn’t bad enough smoking will make your skin look bad too!

With every inhale you take, your mouth puckers around the cigarette and your eyes involuntarily squint. Over time, this repeated motion (say 15 times per cigarette, 15 cigarettes a day – that’s approximately 225 a day!) causes fine lines and wrinkles to form around the lips and eyes. And with the chemicals from nicotine depleting your body’s levels of vitamin C and other powerful healing antioxidants – there is no chance for your skin to bounce back! Your poor liver is fighting off the harmful toxins and not having a chance to do its real job, which causes your skin to take on a gray/yellow tone that is not very appealing at all.

There are clearly no benefits to smoking so it’s time to save your body and skin and just butt out! There are plenty of new ways from gum to pills, to natural methods like acupuncture and hypnosis to help you quit and you’ll start feeling and looking better in no time! Invest the money you save from cigarettes in a proper skincare routine to get your skin back to the healthiest self it can be.


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