Keeping the Festivities Fun and Your Face Fresh

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ZENMED Festival Booth

During the Summer, many of us living in the colder climates of the world hold festivals and day-long festivities within our cities. The carnival-like atmosphere helps to bond the members of the community with local businesses, entertainers, food vendors, and political representatives. This year ZENMED chose to participate in a number of these festivals to spread the word about our products and give away samples of some of our favourites. We love talking to different people, making recommendations, offering solutions, and sometimes just lending an ear. It was a great bonding experience with our customer base and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


One thing that we saw over and over again was dry, red skin that was visibly upset from being outside. These long days mean more sunlight and its accompanying rays. Also, the elements get a few extra hours every day to blast wind, pollution, fine particulates, and dirt onto our faces. The air is drier too, and many of us end up working in air conditioned environments or beside fans all day.


Then as the days and Summer season begin to dwindle we start complaining about how our skin is becoming temperamental. Pimples, flare-ups, new wrinkles, freckles… all tell-tale signs that our skin has been damaged over the season. But luckily, with some patience and consistency, this is all reversible.


Since we all put away our glycolic peels for the Summer (like we are supposed to), we should now be looking towards a month or two of massive hydration and supplementation for our skin before we start up treatment again (remember that this can only be done at night). The body sleeps to rejuvenate and recharge itself. Your skin will enjoy 8 hours (lets hope!) of uninterrupted time to penetrate the antioxidants, medicinal actives, and peptides you applied before sleep. Many studies also show that the body naturally heats up at night, allowing the pores to open freely and absorb actives deeper than normal and making treatments more successful. Having nourished skin when you wake up in the morning gives your face its strength to fight off the environmental stressors during the day.


We have another month or so to enjoy the sunshine, but let’s stop the damage now. Try a few of our top-selling night time treatments for instant nourishment and visible improvement. Top sellers for this time of year are our Anti-Redness Mask, AVT Cream, Refining Scrub, and Gentle Cleansing Cream. Just a few minutes at night to wake-up to clearer, glowing, hydrated skin. Also try taking taking an omega-3 supplement to help with hydration. Flax oil can easily be implemented into Summer salads and smoothies.


So if you have more festival visits to make, remember the sunblock, a hat, an aerosol water bottle, hand lotion, and lip balm. Try using an oil underneath your moisturizer the night before. This will create a natural barrier to the elements for the following day; 100% organic argan oil is the most recommended. And please send us any festival participation recommendations in your area, perhaps we can see you next year!


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