Keeping your skin cool when the weather heats up.

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Temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. And unfortunately for some of us, our skin is flaring up. 80% of Rosacea sufferers complain that their symptoms get far worse during periods of hot weather. The sun’s rays can also trigger unpleasant flushing and redness of the skin. So what can a Rosacea sufferer do when its hot out and you don’t want to hide indoors?

3 Easy Steps – Protect, Calm, and Nourish.

1) Protection – Avoid the sun between the hours of 11am – 3pm when the suns rays are the strongest. Never leave the house without at least an SPF 30 sunscreen on. Do not think that just a hat will protect you from UV rays, it will not. Always wear sunscreen along with a wide brimmed hat. Do not use tanning beds under any circumstance. If you can see light coming in (ie. A towel on your face), the rays are getting in.

2) Calm – Many times Rosacea is linked to vascular fluctuations so try to keep yourself cool during periods of hot weather. Also avoid alcohol as much as possible. Relax and enjoy the summer like we did when we were kids! Skip the beach, go to the mall instead.

3) Nourish – The most damage we can do to our skin is in the Summer. So how can we boost the natural collagen levels and keep skin looking healthy and luminous? With the top sellers from ZENMED – The Skin Support Series. Designed for troubled skin, these formulations are punctuated with Vitamin C in a botanical emulsion of active naturals. Perfectly pH balanced to counteract inflamed skin, calm and cool redness, and phase out flare-ups quick.


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