If you have rosacea, as you probably know, unfortunately there is no cure, just ways to keep the symptoms under control.  Using ZENMED Skin Support System products are a great start to minimize the redness, bumps and irritation that rosacea can bring, but there are a few other environmental and food issues you should be aware of to reduce your flare ups.

What you eat can be a major factor in exacerbating your rosacea symptoms. Alcohol, hot foods and drinks, citrus fruits, dairy, and chocolate can all cause flare ups. These may not all be triggers for you, but it’s probably worth keeping a food diary and avoid foods that are triggers for you.

Any harsh weather can trigger your skin to become irritated – heat, cold, wind…. There isn’t much you can control about the weather but not staying outside for long periods of time during harsh weather, or keeping your skin covered – by scarves or hats – can go a long way in preventing flare ups.

When your body is under any stress or you have an illness – this may be enough to cause inflammation in your body and lead to a flare up. Keep up with your relaxation techniques to reduce stress and keep your body as healthy as possible by eating right and getting enough sleep to ward off any illness.

Exercise can cause your body to overheat and your skin to flush. You may find that you have to exercise for shorter periods of time so your body doesn’t get to hot, and you may need to move your workouts either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

The best advice I can give Rosacea sufferers is to keep your eye on your triggers and make some lifestyle changes. This, along with keeping up your skincare routine, will keep your rosacea symptoms under control.