Let’s talk tahini

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Today I’m going to talk about tahini.  For those of you unfamiliar with tahini, as I was until fairly recently, it is a paste made up of ground sesame seeds.   Tahini originated in the Middle East and is a popular addition, or alternative, to many dishes.  It can be used as an alternative to fatty butter or produced margarine, and is commonly used as a marinade, a vegetable dip, or as an addition to sandwiches.

Tahini is absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals, which makes it great for you.   Tahini is a great source of B vitamins.   B vitamins, as you probably know, are essential for skin health as they promote healthy cell growth, as well as enhance your nervous system and boost immunity.   Tahini also contains a great deal of calcium which is extremely important for building healthy bones.  Vitamin E is also found in tahini and as we all know Vitamin E is super important in helping to reduce the rate of ageing in the body and skin!  And one of the most exciting things found in tahini are the EFA’s – the essential fatty acids that are key to maintaining healthy skin.

Probably the most common food you will find tahini in is hummus, and people often make marinades using tahini, but you can also enjoy it on its own as a vegetable dip.   It has a nutty, seedy flavor and is often found, especially in its native country, as a spread on sandwiches, and as a replacement for butter and even peanut butter.

Now, I must disclose that tahini is a bit high in calories.  However it is no higher in calories than most butters and other dips, and has so many other health benefits over these other foods, that it is still an extremely wise choice to add to your diet.  So eat up and don’t stress about the calories – just think about how much better your body will feel and your skin will look!


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