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I find that these days I can’t open up a magazine or an internet page without seeing an advertisement for a lash-growing serum, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, or mascara that promises “sky high lashes”.  What is the obsession with eyelashes and what can we do about it?

Eyelashes are there to protect your eye from any dust or debris and they also create a barrier for the eye in case something comes towards it – it touches your eyelashes and your eye instinctively closes to protect itself.  You can lose up to 5 eyelashes a day so they can look sparse at times, but as long as you have some there for protection there is not a problem.  So, really the length or volume of your lashes doesn’t matter much – the length and fullness we desire so much comes more with vanity and what we “should” have.

You can naturally decrease the loss of your eyelashes by being gentle with them.  Do not tug, pull, or rub your eyes because this can cause breakage of the lashes.  Be careful of what mascara you apply to your lashes as some are extremely drying , such as waterproof mascara which should be used for special occasions only.  You can find healthier, more natural mascaras at your health food store or even by reading the labels at your drugstore and finding a more suitable mascara.  And if you are using an eyelash curler to enhance your lashes be sure to use it on clean eyelashes only and don’t be too rough with it, curl only once for a few seconds.    You can also create a more eye opening look and skip mascara by using a swipe of oil or powder on your brow bone as a highlighter.

Unless you have a condition which causes your eyelashes to fall out in clumps, in which case you should see a doctor for a prescription, you can keep your eyelashes in tip-top condition by applying a natural lubricant such as olive oil or natural Vitamin E carefully to your lashes regularly.  This will help to moisturize your lashes and keep them healthy.

I know that everyone still wants to have long, luscious lashes – but you can achieve this look by using the methods above.  Just remember that anything you put near your eye can end up IN your eye, which can be dangerous and keeping your eyelashes healthy is the best way to keep them looking nice, so skip the medicaly, chemically formulas and your lashes – and eyes – will thank you for it!

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