Look great for your date this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a special holiday to spend time with those you love. So why not look great for that certain someone? Here are three tips — from fashion to beauty — on looking your best this Valentine’s Day.

1. Plan your outfit in advance. If you do this, your makeup and jewelry choices will be much easier because you’ll already know what you’re wearing. I would suggest picking something that you feel a little sexy in because if you feel sexy and confident, your date will sense it! Most of us will probably lean to the typical little black dress; I encourage you to step out of the box and wear a red dress or even hot pink. Have fun with the holiday colors. If the little black dress is what you go with, play up the accessories with fun pink or red earrings or a bold necklace.

2. You are amazing – so pamper yourself. Once the outfit is planned, pamper yourself with a hydrating facial mask while soaking in a bath of lavender oil and Epson salt to help detoxify and relax the body. When you are finished soaking, make sure to immediately moisturize your skin to ensure maximum hydration. Apply your skincare and wait a few minutes before applying makeup — that way your skincare sets in and is not disrupted by the makeup. This is when I like to make a cup of hot tea to enjoy while getting ready.

3. Getting all dolled-up. Now that your skin looks great and you have the perfect outfit planned, it’s time to apply the finishing touches – your makeup. Your outfit won’t look complete without the perfect look. I love a classic red lip on this holiday. The problem is that your date probably won’t want it on them. I suggest wearing a lip stain that will actually stay on and not kiss off. Keep it matte or add shine with a clear gloss on top.

Nothing says love like flushed cheeks. Apply a peachy-pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to give that blushing glow. For eyes, take it up a notch from your normal daily look by smudging out your eyeliner and adding some deeper colors to give you a soft, romantic look. Now, if you decide to wear a red or pink dress, I would suggest playing up the eyes and skipping the bold lip color. You don’t want the dress and your luscious lips fighting for each other’s attention, or for them to be too matchy-matchy. For long wearing makeup, finish with a setting spray — this will extend the wear of your products and give you a soft glow.

Ashley Gaa is a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger located in Omaha, NE. She has been a makeup artist for over 10 years and specializes in bridal, commercial and print makeup. Visit her blog makeovermyworld


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