Make a better pore strip

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I’m sure you have all heard of, and even used, those pore strips that you apply to your nose and peel off your blackheads.  They now not only come in strips for your nose, but for various other parts of your face as well.  Most people I know, myself included, have experienced pretty major skin irritation after using these so I have found some way better options to clear your blackheads and exfoliate your skin.

The strips that you buy generally come with an adhesive that sticks to your skin which is usually alcohol and chemical based and therefore not good for your skin – it’s basically the equivalent of spraying hairspray on your skin.  The adhesive tears off the first few layers of your skin while taking away the blackheads.  This usually leaves the skin open and prone to irritation and infection.  The irritation usually happens to all skin and can be especially bad for people with acne or rosacea prone skin.

I have heard of people making their own pore strips using glue and other strange ingredients – this is not a good idea for your skin either!

To prevent blackheads all together it is important to exfoliate regularly using a gentle yet effective product such as the ZENMED AHA/BHA Complex.  This helps to remove the dead skin and oil buildup and therefore reduces pore size and blackheads. 

If your skin is still quite oily or prone to blackheads, or if you are addicted to peeling things off of your skin and don’t want to give it up – I have an alternative for you.  Separate some eggs and put the whites only in a bowl.  If pepper does not bother you – add a small dash to the mixture for extra antibacterial and antioxidant properties.  Whisk them up and spread onto your skin.  You can apply it anywhere you have larger pores.   Saturate a paper towel with the egg mixture as well then place that in strips over top of where you put the egg.  Relax for about half an hour and very, very gently peel it off.  Be sure to wash your face after to remove all the egg.  If your skin is extremely sensitive or rosacea prone you will probably want to rinse off all of the egg instead of doing any peeling.  You can follow with a moisturizer if your skin is dry.  The egg works naturally as a gentle firming agent and will add some proteins back into your skin.  

Switching to the egg white mask is a much safer, and cheaper, option for your skin and will give it an extra firming glow without any irritation.


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