Ok, I have had some sort of awakening happen in my life recently. I discovered everything to do with makeup on YouTube. Application techniques in particular I am just fascinated with. Some of these people are just amazing to watch. In particular, MichellePhan, MakeUpGeek, Misschievous, OxfordJasmine…I am thoroughly addicted! And if you are an absolute makeup lover like I am, I dare you to look up makeup organization or makeup collections in YouTube. Watching those videos stirred up an envy in me that I have not felt since I first walked up to a MAC counter at age 16! How do these people have so much makeup and why does all of mine fit in a bloody shoebox??!! Anyways, I am quite restrained, thank god. Although as of late I am boasting about 20 eyeshadows, thank you YouTube! But anyways, I am trying to write something here about my friend who is a makeup fiend. I love her, she is great. But she never invites me to her house. But last week the inthinkable happened. A sheet of ice covered our city and I instantly jumped at the chance to go and pick her up with what I call my all-terrain vehicle. Upon entering her house, I asked if I could have a look at her makeup collection and she was VERY hesitant. We have gone over mine like little girls so many times while we drink tea and eat goodies on the couch, why can’t I see hers?! Well I soon discovered why. A full, double wide closet full. Tags still on tons of it. Most products look like they have been used only once or twice. Hundreds of powders, concealers and foundations! Hundreds of lip glosses that look like all the same color. Hundred+ nail polishes. I was absolutely dumbstruck because this is the same girl that I go shopping with every weekend and she BARELY wears makeup. I didn’t know she had such a collection already, I was enabling this! Was it intervention time?

It has been a long-standing fact that lipstick sales skyrocket during recessionary times. I am guilty of it too. If I’m upset, and I can look prettier it makes me feel better. Sound rudimentary? Just like drastic hairstyle changes after breakups, splurges on clothes, weight gains/losses, beauty product purchases are highly psychological in nature. A $6 purchase isn’t going to hurt much, is it? So I had to ask her (as any true friend would), why are you upset? It didn’t even take her a second to answer this: my Acne. She has had breakouts all her adult life (she is 33 now). I instantly looked back at my struggle with Acne in my 20’s. Yes I was spending a lot at the drugstore makeup counters, far more than I do now. I was trying to buy any powder, concealer, foundation that could give me the illusion of perfect skin. I was unaware of airbrushing or Photoshop’ing. But the really sad thing is that I never really felt that happy putting the makeup on. And she was the same. It’s like painting an imperfect canvas. We had a long discussion about our feelings around problem skin and the reality is that covering up never does you any favours and the illusion of perfect skin is exactly that: an illusion. You have to treat your skin problems first and foremost before you can really enjoy the benefits of your makeup. Heck, make it a challenge: I am going to religiously treat my problem skin for 30 days, wear minimal to no makeup, and then as a reward, buy myself new makeup to apply to my new canvas. I can gladly spend 30 mins applying different makeup now that I have clear skin, its kinda fun actually. Are you the type that loves a challenge? – Mandy