There are many makeup products out there that are especially designed for sensitive skin, whether you suffer from rosacea, dermatitis, acne or just have a very dry skin condition.

Having the correct skin regime and the right makeup can help you in your fight towards beautiful and radiant skin.

makeup effects on sensitive skinMakeup effects on sensitive skin can either have a positive or a negative effect, that’s why it is imperative that you choose the correct makeup for sensitive skin.

Finding the right makeup can boost your self-confidence immensely. Not only is it important to find the correct makeup for your skin type but it must also minimize the appearance of your blemishes.

Before applying your makeup, always cleanse your face with a natural gentle cleansing scrub that suits your skin type, followed by a natural moisturizer which will balance your skin.

Mineral makeup should always be used as it was originally designed for people that have sensitive skin. Mineral makeup does not irritate skin conditions like acne or rosacea. Be careful when choosing mineral makeup as they are not all made the same. Avoid mineral makeup that contains and bismuth oxycholoride. These two ingredients can clog and irritate your pores. Your mineral makeup shouldn’t contain any perfumes, preservatives or dyes.

Good mineral makeups should conceal blemishes, uneven skin tone and redness for the entire day. When using mineral makeup, clean your brushes on a regular basis as they will harbor blemish causing bacteria.

Removing your makeup is just as important as applying it. Never leave your makeup on overnight as this will only irritate your skin further, causing blocked pores which will lead to breakouts of blackheads and pimples.

Avoid everyday harsh makeup removals; these include those with high pHs that damage proteins in the outermost layer of the skin.

Facial-Cleansing-GelMakeup removers that contain alcohol should also be avoided. As an ingredient alcohol removes some of the stratum corneum, the layer of dead skin cells that helps to keep moisture in. It will also irritate and have a burning effect on your skin, something you definitely don’t want.

Some experts’ advise that if you have sensitive skin then makeup should be removed with water only. If you suffer from dermatitis then water will actually dry your skin out further.

You may want to look at a facial cleansing gel for your sensitive skin, a gel that won’t cause dryness and irritate your skin. It will help remove surface bacteria, makeup and excess oil.

Always be aware of the makeup effects on sensitive skin when you are choosing your makeup products.